Limoncello is an old, traditional, Italian lemon liqueurLimoncello is an old, traditional, Italian lemon liqueur made by infusing vodka, grappa or some other hard liquor with lemons or lemon peel. It got some notoriety in the States recently by the excesses of Danny DeVito and Avril Lavigne but it has been enjoyed as an end-of-meal refresher and pick-me-up for centuries.

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icon-rosesandteaI\'m big on tea. My favorite is black tea. I drink 2 or more cups every day. Sometimes I\'ll go for the naturally flavored black teas like jasmine, bergamot (Earl Grey) or rose. I like to have a Nalewka with my evening tea. Hmmm… what if I made a tea flavored Nalewka? Sounds easy enough and opens up a whole kettle of possibilities.

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Key Lime SyrupIn SoCal the winter is citrus season - lemon trees, lime trees, mandarin trees, etc are all heavy with ripe fruit. I bet a lot of this backyard goodness just goes to waste. At this time of year, even though I try, the ground under my key lime tree is covered with rotting limes.

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recipy for potato pancakesThis was a staple for me when I was growing up in Warszawa. My grandmother, Maria, lived with us and did most of the cooking and putting up with me. Unfortunately, by the time I got into cooking Babcia was dead. This recipy is from memory - just like Babcia made them.

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making a NalewkaAbout 4 years ago my in-laws, Syd and Marcello, gave me a pomegranate tree for my birthday. I planted it, curb side, in front of the house and it has done rather well. This year I got quite a few pomegranates but the neighbors took most of them. I decided the last 2 had to go into making a Nalewka.

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