icon-daily-breadIt has now been close to a year since I got my two sour dough starters going full blast. Mirka and Niedamir have performed admirably helping me produce a varied batch of sourdough loaves. Nowadays I hardly ever eat store bought bread. Each week I make at least two sourdough pan loaves that provide me with my daily bread. Its become a pleasant routine.

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rendered pork fat - smalecAgain with the rendered bacon... Yes and I think there will be more where this came from 'cause now the possibilities are endless. Smalec started of as a simple way for poor folk to preserve some bacon fat. Somebody added onions and it was better, somebody added apples and it was better still. I live in Southern California not far from the ocean and apples don't grow in my yard but mangoes do and so could peaches and apricots and nectarines and... Came up with this smalec variation out of necessity and it worked out real nice for me and the futur of smalec production everywhere.

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Paneer and Whey for lunchI've always liked the idea of making my own cheese, well, actually, I've always liked the idea of making most of my food myself. In fact one of the first books I've ever bought for myself was Practical Self-Sufficiency by Sally Taylor. Reading about making cheese in Jam It, Pickle it, Cure It by Karen Solomon reignighted my enthusiasm.

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Sourdough StartersMeet my two new pets - Mirka and Niedamir. You'd think that with 3 dogs and 4 cats we would be done with taking on any more pet ownership responsibilities. But, these pets are easy. They live in the refrigerator. As long as you take them out about once a week, to feed and play with, they can live forever. Not good for snuggling or playing fetch, they can however help with an endless supply of delicious, sourdough baked goods.

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icon-smalecFew thing smell as good to me as onions frying in butter or especially bacon fat. It's always a good start to any tasty sauce or meal. In the Polish village tradition it can be a dish all onto itself. The poor man's answer to the rich man's butter - smalec.

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