Jewish Corn Rye based kwasI bake my own rye bread so getting the main ingredient for kwas is not a problem but I realize that not everybody has bags of old dry rye bread hanging around the house. The fact is that kwas can probably be made from any old bread — come to think of it, I'll have to experiment with that. Anyway here is a very easy and refreshing recipe made with easily available at many supermarkets and almost any deli — Jewish corn rye.

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I’m Crushing Grapes & Making WineWe have a heatwave this weekend. I’ve already postponed the harvesting of my muscat grapes for almost too long. They have been good to pick for several weeks now but I kept finding excuses. Well, now with the heat upon us it’s time to channel my inner migrant worker, put on a my straw hat and bandanna and pick and crush some grapes.

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Kwas — fermented old rye breadYeah, I saw your hippy eyes light up after reading the title. You know who you are. Sorry, but we are talking about kwas here. A healthy, refreshing, lightly carbonated alternative to beer and water. A favorite among the Slavic tribes since Pagan times for its restorative and curative qualities. Why, oh why hasn’t this wonderful, natural elixir taken over the world? Well, here’s the clincher — it’s made from fermented old rye bread.

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