Jewish Corn Rye based kwasI bake my own rye bread so getting the main ingredient for kwas is not a problem but I realize that not everybody has bags of old dry rye bread hanging around the house. The fact is that kwas can probably be made from any old bread — come to think of it, I'll have to experiment with that. Anyway here is a very easy and refreshing recipe made with easily available at many supermarkets and almost any deli — Jewish corn rye.

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using nitrous oxide in a whipped cream maker to produce quick and easy vodka infusionsThe other day Michał sent me a link to Cooking Issues — a blog by a couple of the French Culinary Institute’s techy gastronauts. They’re the kind of culinary nuts who like to use tube condensers, vacuum machines, liquid nitrogen and math equations to produce delectable morsels for the palette. Well, Nils Norén and Dave Arnold had an article about using nitrous oxide in a whipped cream maker to produce quick and easy vodka infusions — you bet I was interested.

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Kwas — fermented old rye breadYeah, I saw your hippy eyes light up after reading the title. You know who you are. Sorry, but we are talking about kwas here. A healthy, refreshing, lightly carbonated alternative to beer and water. A favorite among the Slavic tribes since Pagan times for its restorative and curative qualities. Why, oh why hasn’t this wonderful, natural elixir taken over the world? Well, here’s the clincher — it’s made from fermented old rye bread.

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I’m Crushing Grapes & Making WineWe have a heatwave this weekend. I’ve already postponed the harvesting of my muscat grapes for almost too long. They have been good to pick for several weeks now but I kept finding excuses. Well, now with the heat upon us it’s time to channel my inner migrant worker, put on a my straw hat and bandanna and pick and crush some grapes.

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I love the refreshing taste of mojitos in the summer.Summertime, lazy, warm afternoons by the pool. You’re sipping your mojito feeling hot and looking cool. You shimmy up to the girl ready to make your move and a big fat piece of mint stuck to your teeth spoils your groove… I love the refreshing taste of mojitos in the summer but I hate the whole muddled lawnmower droppings vibe that, for me, spoils the whole affair.

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