...and other stories from the garden.

It's almost August, it's hot and my garden is in overdrive. Must be the extra heat or humidity this year but everything seems to be fruiting and ripening early. Figs, grapes, kiwis, peppers and the nuts - macadamia nuts.

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How I fixed my GU1500 dishwasher

Now we have had this dishwasher, since I spent all of Christmas day installing it back in 2002, for over 7 years without any problems. I'm actually a fan of a good buzz now and than but the noise the "Silent Partner III" model GU1500 was make quickly became unacceptable.

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Bringing up an orphaned opussumThis spring it seems like a mama possum took up residence in my back yard. Maybe even two mamas. The dogs where agitated, the cats on the hunt and we heard strange noises on the back porch roof. One evening I even saw our cat Killer in a stand off with a very big opossum. Killer, despite his name, decided to back of when the possum displayed it's reptilian rows of nasty looking teeth.

The cat bowls were always licked clean in the morning. Nature took it's course and the fattened mama or mamas delivered a baby possum boom. Possums can rear up to 13 young in one litter. Well that's a good thing - most don't make it.

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