Getting personal with your bling.

bastille Caitriona MeekThis year Margo and me celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. Not a biggy. We went to Frenchy's Bistro for dinner, drank some champaign, very mellow. Last year, for our 20th, Margo gave me a real nice, silver, interlocking, heart ring. It's been missing now for several months and although I "knew" it was someplace in the house and Margo hadn't noticed yet, I was starting to get worried.

To make amens I decided, even thou we said "No presents this year", to get us a set of matching rings.

So of course I Googled "matching anniversary rings", "his/hers anniversary rings" and some other variations on that theme with high hope of easy success. The first 3 pages of each search are populated by the same shlocky, chain store, uninspired designs. Why does everything have to be machine made and covered with diamonds? If diamonds are so rare and therefore expensive - why are there so many of them?

 his and hers matching anniversary rings Caitriona Meek
Caitriona Meek - inspired custom jewelry

The short of it is that I couldn't find anything I wanted to spend money on. It's funny that I almost gave up on the idea before it dawned on me that I can have the rings made to order. Such vast amounts of massed produced jewelry floods the market that they seem to wash away even the idea of custom made bling.

To think that I was already doing some web work for a great jewelry designer Caitriona Meek and I still pursed the commercial route first. I quickly emailed a request with ring sizes and a rough drawing of the design I wanted. It was less than a month before Bastille Day, the date of our anniversary, and I was worried about getting the rings on time.

I love the way Caitriona creates a somewhat organic and natural look for her pieces that emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of each piece. It fits well with what I appreciate most about jewelry - I like my bling to be mine and about me. Jewelry is personal.

Caitriona responded with a "no problem :-)" and asked a few questions about style and width. Now all that was left was the wait.

The package came on a Saturday, July 10th - plenty of time ahead of schedule. With some apprehension I opened the package. Each ring was in a separate little cloth pouch. They where gorgeous - more than I had hoped for.

After a plaintive and expected reproach: "We said we weren't getting presents" - Margo was very happy with her ring, the design and the fact that it was a matching set. Score!!!

There is a karma that comes with following a personalized world view. That day sitting around with a glass of good wine we chatted, reminisced and commented on our good luck. While admiring her new ring Margo suddenly looked up and asked:

"What happened to the ring I gave you last year? Haven't seen you wearing it lately. Don't you like it?"

"Well it's with the silver bracelet that I wear some times and I don't know where it is." I sheepishly answered.

"Check behind the computer desk, I thought I saw something there while dusting." she responded.

And there it was - my anniversary ring from last year - I like this kind of karma

matching anniversary rings Caitriona Meek

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