Milkweed vine seed podIn the spring I noticed a vine invading some of my roses in the front yard. I’m a big fan of volunteers so I decided to let it grow just to see what it would develop into. Now I have strange, large, green, fruit hanging from the thing and I can’t figure out what exactly it is.

Well, some of what it is I can figure out. By the shape of the leaves and the fact that it “bleeds” a white, acrid, latex like, sticky sap when cut, it’s obviously from the milkweed family (Asclepiadaceae). The shape of seed pod and the seeds with the silky “parachutes” also give it away. I didn’t take a photo of the flowers when it was in bloom from around June till late September but they were small, slightly tubular, white and mildly fragrant.

From my search on the internet I know it’s not honeyvine (Cynanchum laeve),  climbing milkweed (Funastrum cynanchoides), pale swallow-wort (Vincetoxicum rossicum) or green milkweed vine (Matelea reticulate). If anybody know please tell me, I would like to keep it but I want to know what it is in case there are problems.

The seeds are still not fully developed so I will let the pods dry out and collect the seeds. Who knows maybe there are people interested in growing this plant.

milkweed vine fruitonvine2 Milkweed fruit
Over the summer it did cover some of my rose bushes but it wasn't too bad. By September the milkweed vine started producing seed pods. The pods are a nice size and there are about 10 of them on the vine.
Milkweed leaf with latex young milkweed leaves leaves All the milkweed vine parts.
You can see the white latex where the leaf was broken off. The young leaves are smaller and much more rounded. Milkweed vine all spread out — vine, leaves, fruit and seeds.
The milkweed vine seed pod. The still immature milkweed seeds.  
The milkweed vine seed pod. The still immature milkweed seeds.  

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