Milkweed vine seed podIn the spring I noticed a vine invading some of my roses in the front yard. I’m a big fan of volunteers so I decided to let it grow just to see what it would develop into. Now I have strange, large, green, fruit hanging from the thing and I can’t figure out what exactly it is.

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It's a Beautiful, Fluttery, Late Summer Day in my Yard

Butterflies in my yardThe hot days of August are slowly giving way to Fall chills - well at least the nights are getting to where you might want to wear a light, long-sleeved, shirt. Soon the butterflies that seem to traverse my yard, back and forth, all day during the warm days of summer will be gone.

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...and other stories from the garden.

It's almost August, it's hot and my garden is in overdrive. Must be the extra heat or humidity this year but everything seems to be fruiting and ripening early. Figs, grapes, kiwis, peppers and the nuts - macadamia nuts.

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