Milkweed vine seed podIn the spring I noticed a vine invading some of my roses in the front yard. I’m a big fan of volunteers so I decided to let it grow just to see what it would develop into. Now I have strange, large, green, fruit hanging from the thing and I can’t figure out what exactly it is.

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Rescuing a baby possumIt’s been like three weeks since, right after dark, I took Feo Dos out of his cage, drove to a woodsy, secluded location and sent him on his way. As far as rescuing possums go I am now 2 for 2. Could become a professional rescuer. I have to admit that it was all a lot easier than it could’ve been, both babys were already weened by the time they came under my care.

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Gas Grill BBQEverybody who knows me, knows I like BBQ and has probably heard me exault the supremacy of charcoal and wood over gas. Well... I just might have to eat one of my hats on this one. The jury isn't out just yet but thanks to recession pricing I am giving a gas grill a fair burn.

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It's a Beautiful, Fluttery, Late Summer Day in my Yard

Butterflies in my yardThe hot days of August are slowly giving way to Fall chills - well at least the nights are getting to where you might want to wear a light, long-sleeved, shirt. Soon the butterflies that seem to traverse my yard, back and forth, all day during the warm days of summer will be gone.

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Getting personal with your bling.

bastille Caitriona MeekThis year Margo and me celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. Not a biggy. We went to Frenchy's Bistro for dinner, drank some champaign, very mellow. Last year, for our 20th, Margo gave me a real nice, silver, interlocking, heart ring. It's been missing now for several months and although I "knew" it was someplace in the house and Margo hadn't noticed yet, I was starting to get worried.

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