I was starting to get bored with Twitter. I made a post that was exactly 140 characters by accident. This seemed like fun so I decided on some more rules and started posting more often. The rules are: 140 characters per post exactly; a ABABB rhyming scheme which makes it a kind of cinquain; at least one stanza per week. It will end on November 23rd, 2010. Since on Twitter the rhyming scheme is in reverse I am re-posting them here in chronological order. Hope my patience lasts and yes the first stanza is messed up.

Wonder if my oldest child will show up for Thanksgiving - he was going to give me a call 2 weeks ago to let me know - he must be soooo busy.

I like that last post - 140 exactly. Maybe from now on I will try to make all my posts exactly 140 characters - it's like a meter in poetry.

Ok, wonder if anybody is already doing this. All posts 100 & 40 exactly but also with an ABABB rhyming scheme - wonder if that would be easy

Ah, people are writing haiku on twitter but any post is hokku. I prefer the technical challenge that fits the medium without poetic vagary.

Thanksgiving is close. Fridge full of the "good" stuff and a big dead bird. Maybe I will also make a goose with chestnut stuffing & sherry.

I did it! Fixed the water heater with a rusted out outlet spout. Fought with it for 2 days but I won without any pain, at least financially.

New stanza. Wild goose chase all day yesterday. Found 1 frozen bird for $80. Sorry no Thanksgiving goose. Where is the fresh poultry market?

The rush is on. Turkey's ready to be stuffed. Time to light the BBQ. I like to have both of my girls at the house again, at least for a day.

Trukey in the kettle for 2 hours now getting brown, smokey. Key lime pie crust it is chillin'. Need energy for the final push and jonquette.

Turkey is at 180°F and ready for glazing. Guests are already here but I haven't showered yet. I guess until we feed 'em they'll not go away.

Turkey carcass waiting to be boiled & turned into stock. Good time was had by all. Everybody in the house is still asleep this Black Friday.

Sunday, Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving. Finally got ilikthis.com working the way I want it to. Will I find the energy to walk the dogs?

Walked dogs way after dark. Wonder what happened to the homeless guy who slept by the back fence of the park. Hope he found his ticket home.

Mornings I spent with new music, thinking of gifts for the winter solstice generosity season. Man I could use a new pair of gardening clogs.

I love Long Beach airport but always get into trouble with the TSA there. This time no ID. I must have been cursed by the Travolocity gnome.

Got angry about the ID affair. It's wonderful how quickly we're friends again and all that ire is gone like sea foam under the cranial dome.

Yesterday and last night was a blast. Watched virtuoso old timers swing at KPIG, Karen went into labor and we celebrated a 50 year marriage.

First one up today. Little fuzzy round the edges but nothing a beer & some pickles won't cure. What a nice and mellow San Fransisco morning.

I joined Boxee - another way to watch content. Sign up at http://www.boxee.tv/signup and make it part of your social networking linkage.

Been waiting for something like this for over 30 years. Medically legal and ready for the cure. Looking forward to a super pleasant evening.

I though the backyard would be done this year. Year's over. I seem to have more to do and less to do time. At least the roof isn't leaking.

Kinda' celebrated Hanukkah last night. I made placki ziemniaczane or levivah with the recipe I remember from my grandmother. Came out tasty.

Wow! Kneebody at the 7 Grand was awesome, I wish they would play more often in the LA area. They seem to have picked up more fans this year.

Been in a funk for the past 7 days. Not a big fan of the Holiday Spirit and I didn't like my test results. Yesterday Poland sure got frosty.

Winter Solstice yesterday without a celebratory mindset. Haszka died on Winter Solstice. Lit a candle without yearning for sun's light here.

So maybe I will make an effort to enjoy the the extra half second of daylight today. Got'a stay in the light 'cause it's to dark over there.

Horrible storm is gripping the East part of the country on Xmas eve. Sky's so blue, so sunny and so clam here in my neck of the SoCal woods.

Avatar - the IMAX 3D Experience plays at the Edwards in Town Center on Dec 25, 10:30 pm - sounds good to the girls and me - you up for that?

Avatar was just OK - great to look at but the story is trite - Terminator had more heart. For me, Cameron can never quite deliver the goods.

Ah... "Holiday Season" is just about done - my stomach is sore. Larry & Gloria are down for the week. For the New Year I will get a new hat.

Does will power exists? Trying to figure out if I want to make New Year resolutions. It worked for smoking so maybe it can work for the fat. 

What kind of shape? Circle, triangle, maybe rhombus but definitely not square. Have to think. Not a competition but the start of a journey.

Lit candles at the votive post - first time in months. Bummer, lost the teaching gig for a semester. Rachel will be 24 by next decade's end.

This decade holds promise of change. By its end, hopefully, I'll be pushing 70. Last night I've resolved to keep all I can of mind and body.

Wow by the end of this decade Michal 42, Tasia 30, Margo 61. Sound like a 67 year old already! Counting years is pushing me around the bend.

First week of 2010 seems wimpy but I'll finally have all sites off of Aplus. Julek didn't get my end of year package. Will I have to resend?

The sky's falling? The sky is falling and it's all wet. Dire predictions could come true. We can use some rain and my gutters are now clean.

Rain in SoCal. While covering the tragedy in Haiti Channel 7 cut to Storm Tracker, 3d graphics & all, reporting - Hollywood Streets Are Wet!

2nd storm a doozy, 3rd to be the hardest. Water half way up my back porch. Glad I payed money and fixed the roof in time for this wet scene.

John D. got dropped yesterday. Must've hurt. Spec not doing as well as they let on. Hope they pay all their bills so I can stay out of debt.

Sendoff rainbow, rains done. Aaron over on Friday. No work on his portfolio but we had a blast. Working on minecki.com - expectations unmet.

1st month of 2010 about over. Not liking it so far - rain, cold & sucking noise from politics & economy. At least the dog Bałtyk is rescued.

Just saw Job's keynote. Could be another game changer that iPad. No not a computer but a media device like a book, TV, photo album, or iPod.

A quickening is going on. Last posted 10 days ago. It went by so fast. More prospects at Spec, with John and teaching. My energy is renewed.

Washed Harsch Fermenting Crock Pot. Ready for making kapucha. Mead finally bubbling. Dinner at Enrique's tonight is something I can applaud.

Avatar better when twice viewed. Tequila, hot Serrano Nalewka, limoncello, lime syrup and some tonic - good but don't know what it's called.

Birthday diner at Michael's on Naples. All porky goodness: head cheese pancake, shank ravioli, country chop, chocolate cake with prosciutto.

Last chance for public option and real reform. Virtual March for Health Care Reform on Wed 2/24 - http://www.moveon.org - come and join me!

Expected Pasadena but got farmer's market & than the mountains with Rachel, the dogs and frolicking in the snow. Used my iPod to take video.

Half the day assembling Rachel's new bed and desk. Moving into Tasia's old digs. Asleep in her new full size bed she now looks so tinny.

Dominican breakfast at Mamá Fina. Feel a nap coming on but I need to work off the: - mangu, queso frito, longaniza salami and morir soñando.

Got an old VCR to work for Michał. Digitizing old VHS tape. Funny stuff but I don't think Michał will be happy about getting me to do this.

So half a day and a morning later I put up 13 old videos at http://ilikethis.com/current/. They're mostly of Michal and it serves him right.

It's feast or famine - I'll be teaching again next semester, teaching a lot, 1 am class, 1 at night - hard but teaching is something I miss.

Two days building a gun case with Rachel and still not done. Miss that hour we lost yet burgers & asparagus to end the weekend are outasite.

Enrique's on Monday what a treat. Syd's friend Melba took us all out. Enough food for a week but I'm so stuffed I couldn't eat another bite.

Chillin' from a good, long day. Teaching 7:30am to noon, working to 4pm, gym than teaching 6 till 10pm - a tall good bourbon, the only cure.

Not sure what I think of these hard work Fridays. Reformatted drive to change partitions, always scary but Time Machine worked like a charm.

Flutterbys are back already. Worried 'bout the bee swarm - hope they're O.K. Macadamia is in bloom. My yard in spring, I can't ask for more.

Rachel's birthday party was swell. Me, I'm playing in the dirt, making cheese, transplanting orchids. I think I should be living on a farm.

Macadamia's blooming and bees are exited. Gently persuade bees to move house the other day. Still worried 'bout what happened to that swarm.

Dirt 2 till 4 am - woke up with a gameover. Shootin' with my crew was fun and now it's Rachel's birthday. She looked so grownup in her gown.

HTTY Dragon - we laughed, I cried, got immersed. Much better than Avatar. Guess 3D is working for me. Watched it last Sunday with the girls.

Dead baby possum season again. Survive the night and you get a name. Feo Dos - cared for till it's time to leave when he is ready and grown.

Fun at the Mar Vista Minecki pad. Joy of seeing my kids laughing together. Possums clashing inside my back porch roof like a pair of churls. 

Bar mitzvah, 87th birthday, 21st birthday, progress in my yard, dinner at Spaghettini's, corneal abrasion, all in one weekend as it unfurls.

Started a Tutti Frutti nalewka. Time for another batch of kapucha. Arduino, sounds as much fun as coding websites. I like bird skins better. 

Lazy with my diary tweets - relapse to old ways. Weekend a blast. Margo doing a 3 day cooking frenzy. All enhanced by some real green fairy.

Marketing presentation in Vegas tomorrow for Distributors Council. Major progress in the my backyard. Yeah! Teaching all days next semester.

Feo Dos is alive in spite of death wishes. I'm procrastinating, can't mobilize to finish presentation. I work best when deadlines are scary.

Presentation went very well. If I didn't have to teach tonight, flight not till 3 and I hate Vegas, some booze could get me a wee bit merry.

Might as well get a drink, use up the complementary $25 in a bandit. It will help the complementary rubber chicken I had for lunch go down.

Strange weekend coming up. Margo in DC, Rachel in Catalina. But now I'll tub, smoke cigar, drink a Telegraph CA Ale and than work all night.

Can't do all nighters any more. This Macy Awards charity job has been dragging on me but I'm not sure why. Can't seem to make it all my own. 

Still working on the MACY Awards, it's a nightmare. Have to be less enthusiastic about pro bono jobs. Hopefully in the end it'll be alright.

MACY Award's big night and the site is done - http://tinyurl.com/26pg6yg  - for now. I am really tired and sleepy but the future looks bright 

Feo Dos was a Fea and is now free. Without warning, I have a paraplegic in my web class this semester. This'll take some doing but I'm game.

Memorial BBQ was fun. Trying new recipes, hanging with my kids, family, five dogs and a dybbuk. Testing Chrome per Michal's rec - ain't bad.

Chrome is a fail 'cause it can't pass php instructions from iframe windows. Oil spill is a nightmare but our American lifestyle is to blame.

I want to relax but it's a work weekend for everybody here. Rachel on finals, Margo for CALSPRA and me on a sudden label project - it's sad.

@TrueGinger well that's just not good enough - but anyway welcome to Twitter. Now you'll have to put up with these lame posts from your dad.

JD, Michal and me saw Kneebody at Angel's. Busdriver showed and did a number in the second set, awesome. Great music, company and good food.

Subbing the afternoon class for Bruce. Makes the day longer and I have so much work to catch up with - looking forward to not being so busy.

Father's weekend was a blast. Hiking with kids and dogs than dinner with the old farts. Toy Story 3 and La Barca Jal on Sunday was soo good.

The Geni roots bug just ate my Saturday but at least I started installing the water heater. Man I hate plumbing. July 4th should be a doozy.

New heater installed - man I hate plumbing, now for the spa and getting ready for the 4th. Nearly bought a Smoke n' Pit but it's too crappy.    

Just finish an old school site http://tinyurl.com/2flk9x9 by client's request - all non dynamic. Weird doing this turn of the century stuff.

Yummy food, fun people, all my kids and a father & son BBQ - 4th of July - the way it's supposed to be. Even my first kwas turned out tasty.

Motivated by the way my kwas turned out I'm gearing up to my first beer - Polish, 1800s recipe, peasant, everyday, beer should not be tough.

That Kabanos that's been hanging over my pool table since the 4th is now to die for. I just can't stop eating it, it's so wonderfully porky.

Reservations at El Terado in Avalon for two nights the week of the 20th. Wonders if I can talk Margo into doing diving or is that too scary?

Miętówka Mojitos in the morning and than some coffee with Brazilian Toucan rum - haven't been this loopy in ages. I want to post kwas today.

@TrueGinger spreading the word 'bout what? Hey, girl, you're supposed to be a writer, be specific. Ilikethis.com - there's the word for you.

In South Africa the Dutch, the cause of apartheid, are defeated by Spain from whom they won independence in 1581. Poetic justice on display.

Bastille Day, Margo and I celebrated 22nd at Michal's of Naples, great food, good jazz, pan seared calf brains on the patio - hard to outdo.

Surprising speed and quality for Netflix on demand for the PS3 and now I've spent hours finally watching Firefly. Rachel is liking this too.

Shutting down Catalina. Here for another day. Good food, nice bars. Wonder if we'll do anything more? But last bar had Jägermeister on tap.

While medicating on the terrace, way early am, a 5 pointer buck came out to graze under the palm trees. Not many places you get to see that.

Catalina was a blast though we got fried kayaking. Fixed my hot tub yesterday. Rachel's on her way back, hope camp went by without a mishap.

That Duisburg stampede put me in a foul mood. You'd think young, educated people would know that irrational behavior always ends in a splat!

Rachel's back. We'll watch Serenity at home and than Inception at the movies. I'm a bum today but at least I made a feather for my new hat.

Inception is very watchable if not completely satisfying. Serenity didn't live up to Firefly with all that extra darkness. Hated Wash dying.

Apple's Magic Trackpad is MAGIC! I was wondering how they'd implement the multi-touch technology with all their computers. Simply brilliant!

Watching charcuterie, reports from Meatopia and now this http://tinyurl.com/27efy83. It's lunch time and a salad would just leave me crying.

BBQ at the Wapners — yawn — so many old farts. Can't believe it's August or that it's already 2010, can't believe 57 years are almost spent.

Love my SoCal Sundays. Farmer's Market with Rachel in the morning, puttering in the yard and kitchen than Dog Beach at sunset — so pleasant.

A fig tree that overhangs my roof was raided early this morning by a gang of masked bandits. Seven raccoons feasted while my dogs went nuts.

Hanging with Rachel and Michal, burning wood and memories. Brzoskwińówka, cordial style Nalewka, http://tinyurl.com/2g3nrpa, is peachy keen.

Scott Pilgrim — AWESOME — nailed the vernacular — TOTALLY. Ramen with Lauren, Rachel and Michał. I'm inspired to make Japanese pork cutlets.

No cutlets but starting a bigos. Rachel at camp — horseback riding, zip lines, obstacle courses. Just $45 for the week. Best deal I've seen.

Burnt my beloved tea kettle yesterday. I'm looking for a replacement — Chinese, Indian, English, Japanese? The amount of choices is obscene.

Not English, Chinese or Japanese. With some crafty modifications the best tea kettle turned out to be Indian. It will have to earn my love.

Heard the tick-tock of the big clock this morning, louder every year. Or, was it the hangover from last night's visit to Michal's in Naples?

Margo got me a gift of homeland foods. Bigos, kiszka, pickled mushrooms, feels like I've been blessed with Polish foody goodness from above.

Margo said Marc has hospital envy. Fell and fractured hip. Surgery this morning. He'll share a room with Syd — wish rehab had 2 for 1 deals.

Fun, boeufy dinner. Roz can really talk. I Like the way all my kids are shaping up. It can be hard sometimes but we all know how that feels.

Rachel was happy to be back home and on Sunday slept till noon — was tempted to play the Sargent — nothing like some abuse to start the day.

Crows roost in a tree close by — soon as the sun pops up they raise a racket and create an all neighborhood alarmed without a snooze button.

I got hacked today. Fixed but now I feel vulnerable. Dreamin' of some nasty medieval style revenge if only I knew where these bastards stay.

Working a new batch of kwas. Exited about acid brewing possibilities. Kwas in Kresy catching up with Coke, maybe here we can make it happen.

Working on Carmel site but can't get inspired. http://tinyurl.com/25xuf3v — yesterday I went with Rachel and dogs to Dog Beach, so much fun.

Herbie Hancock at the Hollywood Bowl was a blast. Shame they messed up the mix on the song with Zakir Hussain. Taking the bus beats driving.

Yesterday was a soothing, vacation kind of Friday — la di da, la di da. Aquarium of the Pacific, Yardhouse and falling asleep at the telly.

Margo posted essay at A. Bourdain’s challenge http://tinyurl.com/29qutuo. I do get randy seeing her enveloped by aromatic vapors of cooking.

Summer is done today. Posted kwas recipes on http://ilikethis.com and I'm ready to make a new batch. Dogs need a bath cause they are smelly.

Been a long time. Days just slip by. Great time at Tweedy this weekend. The dogs and I were exhausted and fell asleep in front of the telly.

I've gotten into smoking a pipe. Got my first Meerschaum mini bowl and made a bamboo extension for my Vulcanite churchwarden stem, what fun!

Drove Syd to the doctor for a checkup today. She is doing great and enjoys having both legs the same length but Marc's brain is fading fast.

A heatwave is starting so I have to harvest my Muscat grapes and make wine — looks like it's going to be a fun weekend before it's all done.

Boy it was hot yesterday, broke all kinds of records. Today not so much 'cause the marine layer has stuck around and noon has already past.

Teaching days, 2 classes — happy 'bout the semester. Lazy Saturday, busy Sunday — artist tour and than Kneebody with JD, should be a blast.

Picking up Rachel and Katelyn from sleepover at Sumy's. Should have Chloe over for breakfast. Margo just made a big batch of banana muffins.

OK, had some bigos, buckwheat and miseria salad for lunch. Now I am waiting on JD to show up and it's of to hear Ravi Coltrane and Kneebody.

5 hours of progressive/free improv/avant-garde jazz — that was awesomely good. Sons of Champignon might be my new favorite acoustic shamans.

So stoked... Rachel started an Atheist Club at high school. They'll need sponsorships from like minded friends so I'm contacting everybody.

Nitrous oxide blew my mind. Not the way you'd think but with quick vodka infusions made easy — http://ilikethis.com/taste — upping the ante.

Upgraded to CS5 'cause I'm teaching it this semester. Considering I started with Pagemaker 1.0, I'm so glad they make the upgrades easy now.

Well, I just bottled my first melomel and I'm surprisingly pleased. Guess a tej, sparkling pyment and a royal dwójniak are in my near futur.

Late to LB airport. First time since Michał's wedding I'll be in a suite. Just bottled a great batch of kwas so I'm a little rushed — ciao!

Mellisa's wedding was fine. On Friday Margo, Tasia and me danced till the club closed. Deleted doingweb.com by accident, I'm such a duffer.

Been unusually wet around here for the past few of days. Wonder I we'll go hike St. Juacinto this weekend? Guess we could save it for later.

Helping Margo get the CALSPRA gig setup is fun. We could have our own PR & Design firm going. Soon, with Halloween, the dumb season starts.

All this unexpected rain is throwing my gardening plans for a loop. Plants are also confused — bamboo putting up shoots as if it was Spring.

Celebrated the start of the silly season with a dinner at Michal's on Halloween. Tongue alla bolognese with all the spookiness that imparts.

Voted by 7:15. In 21 days is the one year anniversary of my Twitter diary so I have to make a decision — do I really want to keep it going?

Hmm pork shoulder roasted in bacon and pancetta, gnocchi in butter and sage sauce, raw fennel, grappa — last night's dinner, porky dreaming.

Like new Twitter design but I can't use it till it too displays full date and time like in the 1st version — this is vital in any emergency.

Finally broke down and got Droids 2 for Margo and me. Spent the day playing with the darn things. So far it's fun but I wonder for how long?

Wow, can't believe what time it is. Spent the day playing with my Droid. Can't wait to turn on navi on my way to work. That'll be so groovy.

My new best friend - Android. I get it now, world is suddenly larger. I'm in my yard, tweeting, listening on Pandora to a Anour Brahem song.

Working mobile version of http://ilikethis.com in 9 minutes with JoomlaMobile. Needs some menu tweaking, but hey. Today Joomla rang my gong!

Busy design and brew day. Freelance work picked up all of a sudden and I made 4 gal. of kwas and started 2 melomels, now to bake some bread.

Well, we are already past the 1 year mark of my Tweeter rhythming diary. Time to wrap this up and make plans for next year- to tweet or not?

420 characters and 3 ryhmes to go. Enjoyed this diary but can't get used to tweeting from my phone 'cause I can't count or spell in my head.

I'm getting organized with Toggl time tracking. Maybe this will nudge me to bill clients on a regular basis which would help finances a lot.

Last entry of exactly 140 characters for now. I'd like to try a form of this next year. With new rules, new rhymes and maybe a kind of plot.

And that is all for my first Twitter diary — it was fun if some times tedious. New ruls for the next one and I will start it at the begining of the year.


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