Judy Taylor's Mural Celebrates American WorkersOne of the first actions of the, hopefully one term, Governor of Maine, Paul Richard LePage, was to remove a large mural celebrating the history of Maine workers movement from the lobby of the offices of the Maine Department of Labor. LePage himself a product of the deprivations of our particular brand of Capitalism has viciously turned on his own humble roots.

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how big was that Chernobyl disaster?Its been a long time since the tragedy in Chernobyl. Interest and investment in nuclear energy is back up. Since there is no visible smoking gun like with the coal run power plants and because of the perceived relative safety inferred from the lack of recent incidents, nuclear power, is again being viewed as a safe, green alternative. Even if you disregard the 10,000 year, radioactive waste problem the extent of potential damage from an accident, and accidents will happen, is often overlooked.

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Long Beach Convention Center for the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National ChampionshipsOn Sunday Rachel, Margo and me went to the Long Beach Convention Center for the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championships. This was our first time ever at a dog show. Rachel was very exited and she had high expectations of what it was going to be like. I don't think it lived up to that and I'm glad because it's like your first Star Trek convention - you don't want to get addicted.

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I was starting to get bored with Twitter. I made a post that was exactly 140 characters by accident. This seemed like fun so I decided on some more rules and started posting more often. The rules are: 140 characters per post exactly; a ABABB rhyming scheme which makes it a kind of cinquain; at least one stanza per week. It will end on November 23rd, 2010. Since on Twitter the rhyming scheme is in reverse I am re-posting them here in chronological order. Hope my patience lasts and yes the first stanza is messed up.

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The California chapter of NSPRA - CALSPRA - is hosting the annual national conference in San Francisco. Margo is on the board of CALSPRA and I decided to tag along. We have been to the bay area many times. What with family and friends we know Marin and Walnut Creek area well, but, we seem to never get a chance to hang out in the city - and after all - it is one of the top 10 great cities of the US.

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