Found some old videosIt's all Michal's fault. I was going to spend the weekend thinking about yard work, lounging around, picking my nose, farting and catching flies. Michal called me with a simple request of digitizing an old VHS tape. I tried to say no - "I don't know if my old VCR works…", "I don't think I have the cables…", etc. Being the good, guilt ridden father that I am, I did go find that old VCR and Saturday afternoon went on a trip down memory lane.

I found the damned cables by picking on Rachel, these days she is the keeper of my video camera, and I hooked everything up. Now came the hard part - finding a VHS tape. Not all that long ago they were everywhere. I didn't have enough shelves to keep all the VHS tapes. Didn't we all once promise ourselves that we where going to tape all those cool shows back in the 80s? Well by now I have dumped or redistributed almost all my VHS cassettes. Why did I keep the few that I did? Why were they stuck behind some old paint cans in the garage? 3 cassettes of some random, taped TV shows and movies and a Jana Fonda workout tape, how 80s.

Among this mishmash was an old tape I once made for my mother back in 1991. I guess I never sent it to her or this is a copy. I don't remember. It was a compilation of snippets of videos I made between 1986 and 1991 and some commentary by me in Polish. Unfortunately with a little jiggling and banging the old VCR was prodded back to life. As soon as the old images came on the screen the whole afternoon was shot by a blast from the past.

I couldn't help myself, and so, here is a small sample of what I found. It's mostly Michal - I bet videos made since the video camera entered the consumer market are mostly of kids because adults seem to always respond with - "Is that thing on? Put that danmed camera away!". I also threw in some other random memories. BTW - you can leave comments at the bottom of the page.


michal-tasia1 michal-tasia2 michal-tasia3
Guess Michal didn't have what Tasia wanted.
That's better, starting to have fun. Michal and his bratty little sister.
michal-swords michal-cat michal-reading
Ninja Michal. Cat thingy Michal. Lounging with a TMNT comic.
michal-camping michal-music  
Camping at Raystown Lake, PA. The T-Rex music stand didn't make him play better.  

Other Videos

mistral george tonny
The Outer Banks with the Friendly Friends. Grandpa Bob at the wedding shindig. Young Tonny Condelli trying to hide from the camera.
renfair tasia  
Renaissance Fair with Jane, Cara and Daniel. Tasia "helping" with the taping of the video for my mom.  

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