The street view in Google maps is getting better every day. This used to be the Pink Palace — the first house Margo and me shared. Guess who ever bought it didn't like the lovely pink it was when we lived and partied there.

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I really love the way he gets the point across. So precise, funny and pointy.

deficit-iconThere is something creepy about how visceral, uninformed and myopic people are when it comes to taxes. Now that the healthcare reform brouhaha is over the media and the Tea Party loons are focusing on tax reform. Basically they want to only have things they like paid for by taxing people they don't like - in a way, for the myopically self interested, it's not a bad idea. Might have problems pulling it of.

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Found some old videosIt's all Michal's fault. I was going to spend the weekend thinking about yard work, lounging around, picking my nose, farting and catching flies. Michal called me with a simple request of digitizing an old VHS tape. I tried to say no - "I don't know if my old VCR works…", "I don't think I have the cables…", etc. Being the good, guilt ridden father that I am, I did go find that old VCR and Saturday afternoon went on a trip down memory lane.

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